All foods are sold loose, without packaging* and are kept in clean, sealed food dispensers or jars, so you can ensure the highest quality standards.

Cleaning products and toiletries are kept in 20 litre containers with a pump dispenser. These large drums then get returned to the manufacturers for a thorough clean.


All you need to do is: Find a suitable location or delivery slot; check out the products and pricing page; decide which items you'd like; and then on the day bring along your own containers and I will fill these for you.

If you don't have time to wait, you can leave your containers for me to fill - you just need to put these in a bag with a label, or a scribble on each container saying what you want in it. And ensure you return before I leave!

Or if you are using the delivery service, see below.

* Excluding spaghetti and fettucine which is prepacked in brown paper to a set weight.


Bring your clean containers, use a donated one or buy new


They're filled with your chosen products


The container is weighed and recorded


Items are priced (minus the packaging weight). Pay & enjoy!

Rethink... Reduce... Reuse... Refill...

What can I use?

  • No need for fancy containers, use your imagination and simply bring along any containers, tubs, glass jars, sacks and much more that you have lying around the home.

  • You can reuse your old laundry and cleaning bottles for your cleaning items, and wash out those finished bottles of shampoos and body wash to refill and start again.

  • If you don't have containers or have forgotten them, I have a small selection to purchase or a selection of free donated cleaned containers (for cleaning products only). Alternatively you can purchase your products in a paper bag for a small cost.

  • For oils and vinegars it may be best to fill a glass jar and then decant into your chosen bottle at home.

Other storage ideas:

  • Large yoghurt and cream cheese pots or ice cream tubs

  • Spice jars

  • Glass jars - these could be from jams, chutney, anything

  • Cereal bags for cereals and any other dried food

  • Hessian sacks for dried pulses, rice, pasta and beans

  • Large plastic drink bottles for cereal storage

  • Old tins for coffee or sugar storage

  • Hand soap pump dispensers for hair and body wash products


We Don't Have To Cost The Earth!