Rethink... Reduce... Reuse...


Refill Hub is a mobile shop selling ethical food, household cleaning products and toiletries, plastic free. 

Simply come and visit me at one of the locations across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, bring any containers you have at home and I will fill them with the products you would like.

Refill Hub now also offers a limited delivery service. 

My mission is to help reduce single use packaging waste in the community through a change in shopping habits.


I am able to offer a convenient service to a wider reaching community — making it easier  for you to make the switch, or to continue to reduce unnecessary packaging in your home.

van at Cookham Dean.JPG


Find a location that suits you, turn up with your empty containers, tell me what you would like in each container, I weigh the container, fill it from my dispensers, weigh it again and work out the price.


Bring your clean containers, use a donated one or buy new


They're filled with your chosen products


The container is weighed and recorded


Items are priced (minus the packaging weight). Pay & enjoy!

Join me in the refill revolution - you may be surprised to know it doesn't cost the earth!

Due to the nature of dispensing loose products in this shop, cross contamination of allergens is possible and therefore you are advised not to shop at Refill Hub if you suffer from allergies to any products stocked in store.

We Don't Have To Cost The Earth!